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Mallorca's finest boutique hotel. Book direct for best rates, upgrades, offers and exceptional personal service.


A Partnership Property to L'Avenida - specifically designed for friends and familly holidays with same levels of L'Avenida service.... Welcome to L'Avenida, Mallorca's finest small luxury hotel. Remember to book directly with us for the best rates, offers and exceptional L'Avenida personal service. This beautiful turn-of-the-century building is not just a hotel, but a living, breathing piece of Mallorcan history. Only 8 years ago the house lay in ruin. So with the help of talented craftsmen and an unwavering vision we set about bringing the mansion back to life. Ornate plaster ceilings were carefully restored, the majestic marble staircase rebuilt, and now the house is a elegant, grown-ups only sanctuary from all the stresses of modern life. We know what it means to escape and find some "us' time. So everything we do at L'Avenida is for you. From the moment you step inside you know things will be just perfect. Great hotel experiences are not just about fixtures and fittings or pools and spas. They are also about the people who run them, and the kind-hearted, genuine staff who surround you during your stay. They are about re-discovering something that has been missing for too long. That's L'Avenida, and we hope you have wonderful holiday! Tania, Paul, Matthew and Laura

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